Montgomery County
Sheriff's Office
Mount Ida, Arkansas
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Missing Person: Wanda Gill


TO: All Media Outlets

FROM: Sheriff David E. White

DATE: July 17, 2018

IN RE: Wanda Gill, Missing Person

Wanda Gill
Wanda Gill
Photo Taken from Facebook

On May 23, 2018, Sheriff David White, received a call from the owner of a local business in Mount Ida, Arkansas. She stated that an employee, Mrs. Wanda Gill, had not shown up for work on April 27, 2018. When Mrs. Gill finished her shift at 5 p.m. on April 26, 2018, she had not stated anything regarding not being able to work her shift the following day. The owner attempted to call Wanda on April 27, 2018 without any answer. She then contacted the alternate number that belonged to Joe Gill, Wanda Gill's husband. Mr. Gill answered the call and stated that Wanda was physically not able to work there anymore.

Also on May 23, 2018, Sheriff White went to a local campground and spoke with the owners where Wanda Gill and Joe Gill were renting a campsite. He then made contact with an individual at a neighboring campsite that stated he had not seen the small white SUV that Wanda Gill drove for a while. A few days later, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office received a phone call from the neighbor stating Joe Gill was at the campsite. Sheriff White went to the campsite and spoke to Joe Gill. Mr. Gill stated that he and Wanda had gotten into an argument. Sheriff White requested that Mr. Gill contact me if he heard from Mrs. Gill. While there I looked around his truck, the campsite and woods behind and saw nothing to led me to believe Wanda was there and I saw no signs of a struggle.

On July 6, 2018, Sheriff White spoke with the owner of the local business to see if she had made contact with Wanda Gill and he was advised that she had not. He then called the previous employment of Wanda Gill in Monticello, Arkansas and spoke with a former co-worker and friend of Mrs. Gill, who stated she had not heard from her in some time. She was able to provide me the name of a relative in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Sheriff White reached out to the relative on Facebook and received a call back. The relative stated she had not heard from Wanda in several months. The relative filled out an affidavit so the sheriff's office could officially enter Wanda Gill as a missing person in ACIC/NCIC.

On July 12, 2018, Sheriff White received information that Wanda Gill's vehicle was parked behind a house in Arkansas City. On July 13, 2018, contact was made with the land owner and he said the car was parked behind his shop. Joe Gill and his son parked it behind there earlier this week. When officers arrived at the shop, the vehicle was gone.

On July 13, 2018, Wanda Gill's vehicle was located at a motel in Lake Village, Arkansas where the vehicle was seized.

Several agencies across the state have assisted in the case including Desha County Sheriff's Office, Chicot County Sheriff's Office, Bradley County Sheriff's Office, Lake Village Police Department, Monticello Police Department, 10th Judicial Drug Task Force, 18th West Judicial Drug Task Force, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and the Arkansas State Police.

If anyone has any information regarding the location of Wanda Gill, if anyone has had contact with Wanda Gill, or if anyone remembers seeing Wanda Gill's 2011 White Toyota RAV 4 prior to July 13, 2018, please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at 870-867-3151.