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SEX OFFENDERS – What are the different levels and what do they mean?

Convicted Sex Offenders are required by law to register with law enforcement.

There are four (4) levels of Sex Offenders under Arkansas Law. The levels represent the likelihood the Offender will re-offend.

Level 1 – Least likely to re-offend

Level 2 – Moderate risk to re-offend

Level 3 – High Risk to re-offend

Level 4 – Sexually Violent Predator



When a Sex Offender moved into the State of Arkansas, they are required to be evaluated before they are assigned a risk level. This process sometimes will take several months before the State assigns a risk level. Law Enforcement is not allowed to notify the public UNTIL a risk level has been assigned by the State of Arkansas.


You can search for registered sex offenders in Montgomery County using the following link to the ACIC Registered Sex Offenders Website shown below.



Arkansas Sex Offender Registry Search