Montgomery County
Sheriff's Office
Mount Ida, Arkansas
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The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Administrative Staff is under the supervision of the Chief Deputy, Mike May. He works directly under the Sheriff and oversees the daily overall operations of the Sheriff’s Office, which comprises the Administration Division, Patrol Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Detention Center Division, and Support Services Division. The duties and responsibilities of the Chief Deputy are many and varied. One of the main responsibilities of the Chief Deputy is coordinating the activities of the various sections of the Sheriff’s Office. This task is essential because it assures that all work and projects are performed by Sheriff’s Office personnel in a manner that will serve to meet the mission statement, goals and objectives established by the Sheriff.

The Chief Deputy works closely with the Detention Facility Administrator, Russell Carmack, and the Telecommunications Supervisor, Kary Stovall. 

Telecommunications: Responsible for communications, including answering incoming phone calls including 911 Calls, handling radio communications with sheriff's deputies and other officers in the field, handling inquiries and entries into the NCIC/ACIC system, and coordinating sheriff's office operations with other law enforcement agencies and the OEM. Also, for maintaining all warrants of arrest and orders of protection.

Detention Facility: Responsible for the receiving, intake, and release process for all prisoners.  This includes computer book-in, fingerprinting, photographing, searching, change-out, and housing cell block assignment. Also, responsible for controlling all entrances and exit points to the facility, monitoring all security video surveillance systems, and observing inmates in housing areas.

The Chief Deputy also works closely with the Administrative Assistant. The Administrative Assistant, Misty Tweedle, coordinates all financial and clerical record keeping for the Sheriff's Office. They also manage the accounts payable processes, Circuit Court Bond and Fine Account, District Court Bond and Fine Account, Radio Account, and Fee Account. They are responsible for the disbursement of restitution payments to crime victims and makes monthly settlements with the District and Circuit Clerks and County Treasurer for all money received.