Montgomery County
Sheriff's Office
Mount Ida, Arkansas
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Information & Alerts

Residents and businesses may fill out an Alarm Form and have it filed with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office for emergency notification only. This helps save time attempting to locate a contact for a residence or business, especially with new alarm systems on the market that the owner monitors themselves, from a mobile phone or computer, without going through an actual alarm company. 

This form is kept in the Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center, and there is no cost to the public. 

You may drop off the form at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, 225 Fairgrounds Rd, or fax it to 870-867-4212, or email it to




Hiker Information Form

Our beautiful area draws hikers from all over, and we want everyone to enjoy what our county has to offer. 

We also want everyone to be as safe as possible. Please, always let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back. 

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has provided a form for pertinent information that you may provide to family or a friend, and may be turned in to the Sheriff's Office, before you start out.

This form is kept in the Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center, and pulled in the event we are notified of an overdue or lost hiker situation. Dispatch also shares this with Arkansas Forest Service Law Enforcement in overdue and lost hiker situations, as well. 




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