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New Release - 2016-02-09 Alleged Animal Cruelty


Ref: Alleged Animal Cruelty at Caddo Hills School

On Tuesday, February 9, 2016, Caddo Hills School Resource Officer, Montgomery County Sgt. Will Brakefield, was notified by a parent that a Bobcat had been trapped off campus by a student and brought to the school. The information that Sgt. Brakefield received was that at the time the student brought it onto campus, the Bobcat was believed to have been deceased. When the student brought the animal to school, it was discovered to still be alive. It was alleged that some of the students then attempted to dispatch the animal on campus. During Sgt. Brakefield’s initial investigation into the incident, he confirmed that there was not a firearm involved in the incident, and there was not a firearm in the vehicle where the bobcat was located. At this time, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the matter with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The sheriff’s office is investigating the matter to determine if any criminal charges including Animal Cruelty are applicable. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is investigating the matter to determine if any game rules or regulations may have been broken. When the investigation is completed, the case will be forwarded to the prosecuting attorney’s office for review. At this time, the investigation is ongoing. No names can be released at this time because it is still an open investigation.