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Missing Person: Harold Forest

On January 15, 2019, the family of Mr. Harold Forest reported that they had not seen him in the last few days. They also said that they had not been able to make contact with him. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and the Pike County Sheriff’s Office started following up on leads and did a search of the immediate area where his vehicle was found parked in the Glenwood area. Mr. Forest has a yellow lab that is always with him. The dog has not been located either. He was last seen wearing a black button-up shirt with camouflage pockets and blue jeans. A Silver Alert has been issued for Mr. Forrest. He has also been entered as a Missing Person.

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Mr. Forest especially on Saturday, January 12th or Sunday, January 13th please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 870-867-3151 or the Pike County Sheriff’s Office at 870-285-3301.

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Missing Person: Wanda Gill


TO: All Media Outlets

FROM: Sheriff David E. White

DATE: July 17, 2018

IN RE: Wanda Gill, Missing Person

Wanda Gill
Photo Taken from Facebook

On May 23, 2018, Sheriff David White, received a call from the owner of a local business in Mount Ida, Arkansas. She stated that an employee, Mrs. Wanda Gill, had not shown up for work on April 27, 2018. When Mrs. Gill finished her shift at 5 p.m. on April 26, 2018, she had not stated anything regarding not being able to work her shift the following day. The owner attempted to call Wanda on April 27, 2018 without any answer. She then contacted the alternate number that belonged to Joe Gill, Wanda Gill's husband. Mr. Gill answered the call and stated that Wanda was physically not able to work there anymore.

Also on May 23, 2018, Sheriff White went to a local campground and spoke with the owners where Wanda Gill and Joe Gill were renting a campsite. He then made contact with an individual at a neighboring campsite that stated he had not seen the small white SUV that Wanda Gill drove for a while. A few days later, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office received a phone call from the neighbor stating Joe Gill was at the campsite. Sheriff White went to the campsite and spoke to Joe Gill. Mr. Gill stated that he and Wanda had gotten into an argument. Sheriff White requested that Mr. Gill contact me if he heard from Mrs. Gill. While there I looked around his truck, the campsite and woods behind and saw nothing to led me to believe Wanda was there and I saw no signs of a struggle.

On July 6, 2018, Sheriff White spoke with the owner of the local business to see if she had made contact with Wanda Gill and he was advised that she had not. He then called the previous employment of Wanda Gill in Monticello, Arkansas and spoke with a former co-worker and friend of Mrs. Gill, who stated she had not heard from her in some time. She was able to provide me the name of a relative in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Sheriff White reached out to the relative on Facebook and received a call back. The relative stated she had not heard from Wanda in several months. The relative filled out an affidavit so the sheriff's office could officially enter Wanda Gill as a missing person in ACIC/NCIC.

On July 12, 2018, Sheriff White received information that Wanda Gill's vehicle was parked behind a house in Arkansas City. On July 13, 2018, contact was made with the land owner and he said the car was parked behind his shop. Joe Gill and his son parked it behind there earlier this week. When officers arrived at the shop, the vehicle was gone.

On July 13, 2018, Wanda Gill's vehicle was located at a motel in Lake Village, Arkansas where the vehicle was seized.

Several agencies across the state have assisted in the case including Desha County Sheriff's Office, Chicot County Sheriff's Office, Bradley County Sheriff's Office, Lake Village Police Department, Monticello Police Department, 10th Judicial Drug Task Force, 18th West Judicial Drug Task Force, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and the Arkansas State Police.

If anyone has any information regarding the location of Wanda Gill, if anyone has had contact with Wanda Gill, or if anyone remembers seeing Wanda Gill's 2011 White Toyota RAV 4 prior to July 13, 2018, please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at 870-867-3151.

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Arrests Made for Battery and Terroristic Threatening

On Friday April 20, 2018, after an extensive investigation, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office arrested Bill Walden Sr of Mt. Ida, Bambi Ellison of Mt. Ida, and Billy Walden Jr of Mt. Ida on charges stemming from an incident that occurred on February 11, 2018. Billy Walden Sr is being charged with First Degree Battery and First Degree Terroristic Threatening. Ellison is being charged with First Degree Battery. Billy Walden Jr is being charged with First Degree Battery, First Degree Terroristic Threatening, and Criminal Use of Prohibited Weapons. All three subjects were taken into custody at their respective residences without incident and booked into the Montgomery County Jail where they later posted bond.

Arrest Made for Controlled Substance

On April 15, 2018, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office executed a Search Warrant at a residence on Bear Run Rd. Inv. Jeremy Lea with the 18th West Judicial Drug Task Force assisted with the warrant. The search warrant was based off of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia in the residence. During the search of the residence, officers located several Medical Marijuana packages with different assortments in each. They also discovered honey and other snacks with active Marijuana ingredients in them. Marijuana Brownease and Snickerdoodle were located in the residence. Approximately 5.5 ounces of Marijuana were found in the home. 

“The way the Marijuana industry is marketing these items with the “Medical” label and the way they use candy and other items can lead people, especially children, to believe that they are safe. This is the sort of thing that is coming to Arkansas when the Medical Marijuana gets started.”

The owner of the residence, Mr. Scott Harmon, 56, was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance and posted a bond. The investigation into the incident is ongoing. 

Arrest of David Goings

On September 29, 2017, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a domestic altercation off of Liberty Rd. Deputies responded to the scene and made contact with a Mr. David Goings of Texas. Mr. Goings was on parole for felony violations. When deputies made contact, with Mr. Goings, he fled on foot into a thicket. A perimeter was established and the Arkansas Department of Corrections K-9 team was called to the scene to assist. A short time after the team arrived at the scene, they located Mr. Goings hiding in a thicket near Liberty Rd. He was taken into custody and transported to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Goings was charged with fleeing, disorderly conduct, and obstructing governmental operations. A crystal-like substance believed to be Methamphetamine was also located in his wallet. The substance will be sent to the crime lab for analysis.

Sheriff White wants to thank the K-9 team for their efforts in the search. “We couldn’t have done it without them. During my seven years of office I have had to call on them several times. They are an awesome bunch of guys and always willing and eager to help.”

In recent years, Montgomery County has experienced a spike in the number of arrest of people from outside the area. This includes several arrests from out-of-state including Washington, Oregon, Kentucky, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, and Texas to name a few.

UPDATE Amber Alert: Fischer Newton is Found

Fischer Newton returned home at approximately 1:50 this morning. I would like to thank everyone involved in the search efforts. I would also like to thank all the people who offered assistance and resources to the cause.

Sheriff David White



Amber Alert - Missing 10-Year-Old Boy (06-08-2017)

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is currently conducting a search for a ten-year-old boy missing from the Williams Creek area east of Mount Ida. Fischer Newton, has been missing from his home since 8:30 this morning. Fischer was wearing gym shorts, blue digital camo long sleeve shirt with the word HUK printed on it and muck boots. Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Game and Fish, Arkansas Department of Corrections, US Forest Service and Mount Ida Fire Department are assisting in the operation. If anyone has any information please call The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at 870-867-3151.

Amber Alert - Missing 10-Year-Old Boy

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is currently conducting a search for a ten-year-old boy missing from the Williams Creek area east of Mount Ida. Fischer Newton, has been missing from his home since 8:30 this morning. Fischer was wearing gym shorts, blue digital camo long sleeve shirt with the word HUK printed on it and muck boots. Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Game and Fish, Arkansas Department of Corrections, US Forest Service and Mount Ida Fire Department are assisting in the operation. If anyone has any information please call The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at 870-867-3151.

DEA Continues Its Drug Abuse Prevention Efforts with Prescription Drug Take Back Day This Saturday


DEA Continues Its Drug Abuse Prevention Efforts with Prescription Drug Take Back Day This Saturday

Disposing of Unused Medications Prevents Drug Thefts, Abuse, and Overdoses

APR 24 - (Washington, D.C.) – Addictive prescription drugs that are thrown away or left untended on shelves and in drawers at home are often stolen and either abused or sold by family members and visitors. That’s why the DEA and thousands of its state, local, and tribal law enforcement and community partners are holding another Prescription Drug Take Back Day this Saturday, April 29, from 10 to 2 local time, at over 5,000 sites around the country. The service is free of charge, no questions asked.

America is experiencing an epidemic of addiction, overdose, and death due to abuse of prescription drugs, particularly opioid painkillers. 6.4 million Americans age 12 and over—2.4 percent of the population—abuse prescription drugs, according to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health released last fall, more than abuse cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, and methamphetamine combined. Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of injury-related death in the United States, eclipsing deaths from motor vehicle crashes or firearms. The majority of prescription drug abusers report that they obtain their drugs from friends and family, including from the home medicine cabinet.

Last October, Americans turned in 366 tons (over 730,000 pounds) of prescription drugs at almost 5,200 sites operated by the DEA and more than 4,000 of its state and local law enforcement partners. Overall, in its 12 previous Take Back events, DEA and its partners have taken in over 7.1 million pounds—more than 3,500 tons—of pills.

The public can find a nearby collection site at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office or by calling 800-882-9529. Only pills and other solids, like patches, can be brought to the collection sites—liquids, needles, or other sharps will not be accepted. This event will go on even if the Federal Government shuts down this weekend.


Press Release

On Thursday morning January 26, 2017, Montgomery County Sheriff Deputy Stacy Watson, the Caddo Hills school resource officer, made contact with a suspicious subject on campus. The subject left campus shortly after initial contact. Deputy Watson identified the subject as Jacob Anzaldua, 36 of Corpus Christi Texas. After looking into his background, Anzaldua was discovered to be wanted out of Texas and considered armed and dangerous. A plan to apprehend Anzaldua was put in place to affect the arrest off campus on Thursday afternoon. Anzaldua arrived back on campus and was spotted near the bus loading area. Sheriff White made the decision to go ahead and take him into custody on campus. At that time the school was notified and went into lockdown. Anzaldua was located behind the school in a parking lot by Sheriff White and deputies and was immediately taken into custody without incident. Sheriff White appreciates the Caddo Hills administration for their efforts in a safe resolution to the incident. He would also like to thank the Arkansas Game and Fish, U.S. Forest Service, and the 18th West Judicial Drug Task Force for their assistance. Anzaldua has no direct ties to the Caddo Hills School. Other than the warrant from Texas, no other charges are pending at this time.

Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween is approaching quickly and we expect large groups of children out and about that evening. Our primary concern on Halloween, and any other time, is the safety of children. With that in mind, the Montgomery Sheriff's Office would like to offer the following safety tips. It is a good idea to review these with your children before they begin their "trick-or-treat" adventure.

1. Fake knives, swords, guns, and other costume accessories can potentially cause injury. Make sure they aren't too long for the costume and review with your child that they are part of the costume and noat a weapon. Make sure they are made out cardboard or other flexible materials.

2. Only purchase costumes and accessories that are marked flame-resistant.

3. Keep costumes short to prevent trips and falls.

4. Try using make up instead of a mask. Masks can obstruct a child's vision, which can be dangerous for when kids are crossing streets and going up and down steps.

5. Costumes with light colors and/or reflective tape are best. Someone in the group should carry a flashlight.

6. Children should always trick-or-treat in groups, rather than alone, preferably with adult supervision and carry a cell phone for quick communication.

7. Parents should select the safest route for children to take. Children should stay on sidewalks or on the shoulder of the roadway facing traffic.

8. Children should be instructed to stop only at familiar homes and where the outside lights are on. They should also be advised to NEVER go into a home or car to collect treats.

9. As an alternative of going door to door, parents should consider taking their children to community sponsored events such as those hosted by community centers, churches, schools, etc.

10. Children should not eat any treats until they get home and the parent or adults can examine them.

11. Children (and adults) should only consume unopened candies and treats in original wrappers. Treats with open packaging or torn wrappers should be discarded. Don't forget to inspect fruit and homemade treats for anything that looks suspicious.

Halloween can be a safe and enjoyable evening with a little preparation, communication and diligence. Of course, we will be on patrol and available to you and your children should you need us.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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